DS with compact body with excellent performance, clever design, let you light into battle, enjoy the fun of flying.Aerial aircraft control is very simple. Just tap the power button, release the aircraft, DS can be stable hover. No other person, no tripod, you can also from the new height and unique perspective to capture your wonderful moments. Light and small, stylish, can always be with you around. Only the size of the palm, you can easily put it into a backpack or handbag.
前期不断的克服技术难题最终可实现,通过先进的面部和人形识别技术,自动跟随你拍摄拍摄分辨率最高达 4K 的视频和精美的 1300 万像素照片,通过 iPhone 或 iPad 上的 DS操控相机、观看实时动态画面iOS app 提供多种拍摄模式,包括环绕模式、360 旋转模式和人形追踪模式,超轻便携。
This aerial vehicle in the consumer UAV swept the world in the case of emerging, from a unique perspective to capture the potential needs of consumers, customer needs, accurate to find the market gap.
Early to overcome the technical problems can eventually be achieved through the advanced facial and human recognition technology, automatically follow your shooting resolution up to 4K video and beautiful 13 million pixel photos, through the iPhone or iPad DS control camera, watch Real-time dynamic screen iOS app provides a variety of shooting modes, including surround mode, 360 rotation mode and human tracking mode, ultra-light portable.