The team from the previous analysis, gravity to creative appearance, reasonable structure to achieve as the most basic principle, help China institute of science from the product of man-machine, modelling, cost, production, sales and other aspects to obtain, to rationalize the breast CT machine is designed. The whole machine USES round and smooth line expression. The operation table is carefully designed to allow for large space and convenient medical operation. Connect to the iPad for operation.
The breast CT is according to the demand of grassroots medical institutions for high-end CT and launching a revolutionary product, using the ten numbers of innovative technology, it for early breast cancer detection and diagnosis has important clinical significance, Breast cancer is mammary gland disease, imaging in the diagnosis of indispensable important equipment. Breast cancer is one of the most common gynecological malignancies, and its morbidity and mortality are among the highest in the female. This design has excellent image quality, and can help doctors for early, small lesions and all over the body such as the disease of heart head blood-vessel diagnosis and screening of each system, and give timely and proper treatment, patients for early treatment of patients with win opportunity.