The models have the same technology with the international mainstream products, so the team of gravity design and its technical ability phase equilibrium of the new product appearance and structure ,from material, mechanics, process, mechanism, man-machine efficacy of different disciplines, such as knowledge. The machine adopts a brand new bracket design, high quality high frequency high voltage generator, international advanced digital flat detector, to ensure excellent image effect. The whole machine looks beautiful, the structure is reasonable, the image is clear, the function is advanced,and the operation is convenient.
The combination of digital technology and X-ray photography is now widely used in digitized X-ray photography. The digital photography technology was born at the bedside. Mobile DR pioneered the bedside photography of the new digital era, it fundamentally changed the medical image collection, display, storage, exchange of ways and means, completely replace the film, shows the lure into the future. PACS, a computer-based medical image storage and communications system, is entering the hospital temple with a burst of bamboo. As the key link of PACS, direct digital imaging system DR has become the first choice for hospital.