This small animal PET design, combined with materials, mechanics, technology, sports organization, human machine and other disciplines. The aim is to design a representative medical device in the most scientific way, and follow the principle of appearance, performance and cost balance in the design process. The overall adoption of two colors, this color modular partition can also provide effective operation scope for operators.
As a technology platform for biomedical research, small animal PET imaging can study on the animal models of human disease, genetically engineered animals, evaluation of drug delivery and gene therapy method, evaluation of new drugs in the drug development reagent, the development of new molecular imaging methods and radioactive drugs for diagnostic imaging. In recent years as the crystal materials, detection technology, electronics, image reconstruction and the development of computer technology, the performance of small animal PET is greatly improved, as animal imaging technology platform, small animal PET will in medical research, genetic engineering, new drug development and evaluation, and other fields play a more and more important role.