The design of this 3d face recognition instrument is mainly used in various public places, such as the company entrance guard, customs inspection, and subway access. So in appearance the design that users hale and hearty design, reflect strict, safe visual sense. The style of the whole product is defined as “high end”, so the design surface of the edge is designed to break the routine, and the design of the product is expressed with simple lines and surface changes. The design of the surface breathing lamp, as the genie in the night guides the direction, adds a sense of vitality to the product.
The facial recognition is one of the hot topics in the study of contemporary biological adjusting recognition, current fingerprint identification, 2 d face recognition is due to the influence of the change of illumination, pose, expression, it is limited degree of recognition. But the 3d recognition system has more information than the 2d face image, which has great development significance in the future. At the same time, the shape of the technology is changing, and a safe and atmospheric modeling design can reflect the texture of products to a great extent, giving the product a different expression.