Bold waist design, fluent sense of expression. Small, fashionable appearance and quiet and comfortable working style, can be clever nature to blend in the household style. The design adopts the traditional rotary control method to adjust the strength, which can guide the user effectively and easily. Technically, the equipment is Asia and the only aviation equipment developed in China. Fashionable appearance and first-class configuration, leading home oxygen – making machine.
Air purifier in household, medical and industrial applications are, occupy the area in a single class of household air purifier is the mainstream of the market product, the main function is to remove the particulates in the air, including allergen, indoor PM2.5, etc., can also solve indoor due to decorate or for other reasons, underground space, the problem of air pollution inside volatile organic compounds. Due to the release of air pollutants in relatively closed space has the characteristic of persistence and uncertainty, so using air purifier purify indoor air is internationally recognized as one of the way to improve indoor air quality.