The projector is designed with a simple, fluid, unscrew design. The volume is minimized and flattened, which is convenient for users to carry around and can be used everywhere, providing the most convenient choice for the presentation of results and discussion. The material is made of aluminum extruding process, and the fashion sense of the appearance is retained and the cost is saved. And the team of gravity  has given the portable projector the power of the “charging treasure” to bring additional design surprises to users.
Compared with the traditional projector and TV, portable projector is more convenient, no radiation, for pregnant women, short-sighted people do adequate protection, its low power consumption function, completely impact the safety, environmental protection, health indicators. On this basis, the portable projector is more flat and easy to carry. The material is also very elegant, so that the cost is lower than many portable projectors on the market, but the quality is more than enough.