The minimalist design reveals a flavor of cool,science and technology. The bar design of the handle will be simple to the end. The external setting of the breathing lamp, inadvertently glance, do not have the effect of harsh eye, for “cold” appearance add a few lukewarm feeling, more accord with the temperament of home. The material is made of integrated metal panel, multi-layer crystal drilling film, anti-corrosion, acid resistance, oxidation resistance, exquisite and durable.
Mobile terminal has been developing for several decades as a simple communication device. Since 2007, the key of the mobile intelligent terminal to Internet business entry and new media, e-commerce information service platform, as the Internet, mobile network resources and the environment interaction resources one of the most important hub. With the development of network and technology in the direction of more and more broadband, the mobile communication industry will move towards the era of real mobile information. On the other hand, with the rapid development of integrated circuit technology, the mobile terminal already has a strong processing capacity, mobile terminals are from simple calls into a integrated information processing platform, intelligent into the stage of development.