Full of curve, the body of a whole body, will gently blend into “cold” instrument. Large screen design for more precise operation. At the same time, make the special treatment of the material at the handle, avoiding the problem of unstable and dirty. The link design is added to facilitate the receiving of power cable, and it can also avoid the safety problems caused by the power line. The high design takes into account man-machine mechanics, which makes it easier for operators to reduce the use of force.
The interference electrotherapy instrument can from multiple directions, to stimulate the body’s point of view, has analgesia, improve local blood circulation, cause neuromuscular excitement, adjusting the internal organs function, adjust plant nerve function, etc, stimulating effect than traditional interference current. The treatment instrument can effectively relieve pain and quickly eliminate fatigue caused by pain or movement, which is one of the most advanced equipment in the world, and has certain development significance.