Children intelligent antipyretic instrument focuses on relieving children’s fever and fast antipyretic, with a micro semiconductor physical antipyretic ice bag cold equipment on their head. Besides antipyretic, it has many other functions as well, such as protecting brain, eye cosmetology.The design according with Ergonomics guarantees the comfortable wearing, good safety and sealability, even perfect weight distribution; And the adjustable belt makes it suitable for varieties heads. It creates an incredible close space and it’s surprising small and light.

This children physical antipyretic instrument changes not only physical antipyretic itself, but also people’s new choose of antipyretic method; it changes from medicine to physical for the main antipyretic factor, which has a great affect on human being’s health.It uses innovative water cold system, according with Ergonomics design, small and light at 86g. The high quality silicon material makes the best stick result and stability to the head. As a whole, the  stable design and size makes it suitable for nearly 95% heads. The outside cover is made of food grade silicon materials, which has great high temperature and flame resistance, also good radiating property and durability.