FOXEER BOX运动相机,将世界先进的视频技术容于4厘米见方。便于人机交互的机身设计,操作简单,掌控一握之间。玻璃非球面镜头,超大广角,绝少畸变杂光,真实呈现世界之眼。金属与塑胶结合,刚柔并济,坚固耐用,足以应对复杂恶劣环境。裸机防水,镜片疏水处理,轻松应对日常防水,不让雨水成为记录的阻碍。WiFi&蓝牙无线操控,精彩瞬间一键分享。多种配件,适应不同使用场景,无论何时何地,都可拍摄平稳流畅,令人惊艳的视频效果。
Foxeer Box action camera, contain the latest video technology in 4cm box. Convenient design for man-machine interface, easy to use and control. Glass Aspherical Lens,super wide FOV, rare distortion and stray light,show the real world. Combine metal with plastic, solid and durable enough to face the severe environment. Naked camera feature waterproof, water repellent lens, deal with daily waterproof easily, never let rainwater block your recording. Wifi&Bluetooth wireless control, one button share wonderful moment. Various accessories, adapt to different usage scenario. Record smooth and stunning video anytime and anywhere.
1.Powerful function. Adopt world advanced video technology, top hardware configuration, compact size; let people record 4k HD video easily.
2.Single hand operation, easy to start.
3.Convenient install. Small size, full accessories, install various spaces easily, shoot video via the fresh angle, and bring you unusual visual perception.
4.Wireless control. Wifi&Bluetooth wireless control, share wonderful video and picture via APP.
5.Daily waterproof. Spill resistant design, deal with daily waterproof easily.
6.Solid and durable, combine metal with plastic, enough to face the severe environment